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We are associated with Buzz from July 07.I would like to take this opportunity to thank Jaya & her team for their
Corporate Social Responsibility

Buzz Corporate Services as a part of its corporate social responsibility is associated with the Don Bosco Youth Village, Karjat since May 2007. The Don Bosco Youth Village at Karjat is headed by Fr. Xavier Devadas who has embarked on a mission of "Including the Excluded".

This project is a part of the Shelter Don Bosco, Mumbai and was started on 24/5/2005 with Fr. Xavier, Brother Damodar, three staff members and a few boys. The boys stay for 3-4 months in Karjat where they are a part of the "Work & Pay for Your Stay" system. The boys are in the age group of 14-20 years and required to put in 4 hours of manual work daily in the farm or in the house and this are accepted as their fees. This serves two purposes, firstly there is no charity involved and secondly through the manual work, the boys are prepared for the world of work outside.

Shelter Don Bosco is an NGO working with the Street Children of Mumbai since 1987. During these years many projects have been developed to address to the various needs of these children/youth. For long time Don Bosco has felt a need to prepare a specific project for the empowerment of the grown up youth.

We endeavor to make a positive contribution to the underprivileged communities. We must ensure that the society grows because today's Generation is tomorrow's future. With this motive in mind, Buzz corporate has started a project with DON BOSCO.

Staff members of Buzz Corporate started interacting with the Youth to understand their mindsets, issues on hand and offered counseling. We celebrated Friendship Day, Independence Day, and Raksha Bandhan with the Youth with an objective to understand the situation of marginalized youths and to understand in which way Buzz can contribute in betterment of these youths.

In order to help them we also took help from more than 100 corporates, who also inevitably helped us in many ways. We collected from our employees as well as corporates various needful items & donated to the Don Bosco Youth Village.

Tree Plantation activity with Hariyali

As a part of Corporate Social Responsibility activity, Buzz Corporate Services initiated a tree plantation drive with Haryali on 1st August, 2009. Hariyali is an NGO (Non Governmental Organization), working in the field of protection and upgradation of environmental conditions, having its base in Thane.
It is formed by and comprises of socially conscious citizens coming from cross – section of the society. It has a pool of academicians, field workers, writers, speakers, researchers, scholars, scientists, professionals from various disciplines, industrialists, business executives, and administrators working for and under its banner.
It has several ongoing and projected activities which are carried out mainly with the active participation and ‘Shramdan’ (voluntary labor) of students studying in various schools and colleges.
Hariyali (NGO) has undertaken the project at Bhavale to convert the mountain region to a beautiful forest. The land is given by Maharashtra government for forest project. Hariyali is taking help of local village and colleges/companies/institute to help plant the saplings to convert it to the forest

All the employees had participated in this tree plantation activity. The target was to plant around 1000 saplings. We had to dig 15 meters in length and 1 foot in depth in order to plant the saplings. They provided us with the shovel and saplings.

What Buzz employees have to say?

It was terrific, mind blowing. It was great, Energetic. It was a thrilling experience as well as quite knowledgeable about nature.

             - Madhu

It was exciting, something different from normal routine. A help from our side towards global warming. It was a great experience where we could learn about team work and strategic planning.

             - Prachi

It was good, very much exciting. Something different, a good social activity. Will be looking further for this kind of activities.

             - Neha

It was very nice experience. It was a great learning for me. It appreciates us for team work and motivates us more into social activity. I am looking forward for more such kind of activities.

             - Varsha

In a busy schedule with all the routine work it was a nice, joyfull and learning experience. It helps us to contribute something to nature and feel the good breeze to do something for the society.
             - Kavita

Water conservation and Post Plantation Care with Haryli-2010!

As a part of Corporate Social Responsibility activity, Buzz Corporate Services Pvt Ltd initiated a Water conservation and Post Plantation Care drive with Haryali on 24th July 2010. Hariyali is an NGO (Non Governmental Organization), working in the field of protection and upgradation of environmental conditions, having its base in Thane.

Various methods deployed by Hariyali to do so include construction of check dams, percolation and storage dams, parallel trenches across the mountain slopes, etc.

There are seven rainwater courses originating from the land and Hariyali has already constructed two check dams and one storage dam on watercourse No. 1 during the year 2009-10. So it has dug 400 parallel trenches so far all over the land across the mountain slopes.

It has now proposed to construct 20 more check dams and water storage dams across the remaining six more watercourses as per the picture attached herewith. Average cost of each such dam is expected to be around Rs. 15,000/- (Rs. Fifteen thousands only).Check dams are constructed for obstructing the flow and velocity of the rainwater and for conservation of soil. On the other hand, storage dams serve the purpose of storing and retaining the water for a substantial period even after the closure of monsoon. The entire exercise also results in increasing the groundwater level and spreading vegetation and restoring ecology of the entire region.

All the 23 employees of Buzz participated in this Water conservation and Post Plantation Care. The target was to make a dam of alternate stones and loose soil with the dimensions of one meter in height and one meter in with ad length varing form 10-12 meters. The task was completed under the supervision of instructors from Hariyali.

What Buzz employees have to say?

It was a wonderful experience to see nature so closely.Got to learn a lot about water percolation, team work etc.Enjoyed the most! Looking forward to be a part of such events in future.

             - Krupa

It was one such experience that I could enjoy to the fullest in terms of personal contribution to the Mother Nature by taking part in activities to reduce soil erosion & water percolation.

             - Vibha

It was great experience it was more than fun n learn activity
got to know more about plants, soil erosion,  bio fuel plants ,water percolation , types of rocks etc.we learned to make natural bunds to restrict the flow of water.

             - Pankaj

It was really a great day, everyone was try to put 100% to contribute towards making blockages in flowing water, specially when all girls was standing in row to collect & transport heavy stones to make a small Dam, it was like a Buzz Family gather together for a social cause, in short it was a awesome feeling while working on this project with Buzz Team”

             - Ganesh Bhalerao

It was a great Experience as we enjoyed a lot and also we got a chance to learn something new. It was my first experience. In that terrific rain also we did our task smoothly and nicely.

             - Gargi