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Buzz provides temporary as well as permanent employees for assignments in many fields. We provide personnel for short term and long-term assignments anywhere in the India, on our payroll or the client's. This service helps to reduce client's recruitment cost and time by 50%. We combine speed, efficiency, flexibility, professional service, and lower cost with the latest technology to furnish the best candidates for our client. Outsourcing HR administration to Buzz certainly give our client more time to concentrate on their core business and, at the same time, save their time, money and resources.

Our vibrant team of recruiters is dedicated to help our clients successfully achieve their business goals in today's dynamic environment. We are completely process driven and ensure that we offer our clients the best candidates in the quickest turn around Time.

We first study the clients requirements, undertake extensive research which helps us to map out the relevant industry, identify potential job seekers, create interest about their company and finally recommend interested and suitable profiles to them through a set, pre-defined process. By tailoring our search to their unique needs, we are able to shortlist the individual or team most capable of handling the challenges that lie ahead.