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We are associated with Buzz from July 07.I would like to take this opportunity to thank Jaya & her team for their
Case Study

Case Study on a Turnkey hiring project for a MNC in Background screening services

Client profile:
The Buzz client is a US based company in background screening services and identified by Forbes Magazine as one of the fastest growing companies in the USA. It has over 14 offices and 1600 employees in Asia Pacific.

The client wanted to hire around 200 associates for conducting background verification checks, data entry, data validation & reporting. This project was to manage the anticipated increase in business volumes and would last for 3-4 months. All associates would be on Buzz payrolls and only the best would be retained after the stipulated time frame. We were given around 3 weeks time to close out and on board 200 people.

We had a strategy meeting in our office where the following sourcing methods were planned: 1. Advertisements in Mid-day and Mumbai Mirror 2. Usage of Job portals 3. Internal database of Buzz 4. Referencing Model

  1. Advertisements in Mid-day and Mumbai Mirror
  2. Usage of Job portals
  3. Internal database of Buzz
  4. Referencing Model

We also decided that three days in a week all the Recruiters in Buzz would work on this profiles and a contest was announced wherein the Recruiter with the highest number of line ups, highest turn outs at the interview stage and selections were rewarded with gift vouchers of a popular brand of clothing.

We booked premises outside Santacruz station on the east so that we could have a maximum turnout of candidates. Amongst our pool of Team Leader’s a person was appointed to spearhead this project and would sit the whole day at Santacruz. There was a team of 5 interviewers who would interview candidates and shortlist them for the final interview at the client end. The Project Leader then would email the list of candidates with the interview time slot to the client every one hour. The team of interviewers kept changing everyday as we wanted to expose our Recruiter pool to a F2F interview process. The client interviewed the candidates and sent us the names of the selected candidates, their salary details, designation and date of joining to our HR Operations team. The Ops team then took over by issuing the Offer letter and following up with the candidate till they joined.

With combined efforts our Recruiter team, advertisements and references we were able to finish the project within the specified time frame, earning praise from the client.

We had conducted a similar exercise for the same client in 2008 and the client was confident that we would be able to successfully execute it again.



The task was to select and recruit the candidate for the post of Assistant Manager - Processing


The client is one of the leading players in Food logistics and Supply Chain Management. There was an urgency to fulfill the need of our client and it was difficult to get a candidate, as resumes of such profile were not available on any of the job portals.


To face the challenge, our consultant did industry scanning from where she took out names, addresses and contact numbers of all Cold Storage Processor companies. After that, she short-listed the leading companies in the industry and presented herself as a food technology student who wanted to do Summer Training in their organizations. Initially, there was a lot of disappointment. To overcome the situation, she did mapping for the Assistant Manager's position and started Headhunting.

Within a week, she found a candidate with whom she communicated and convinced him for the job.

The next step was to schedule an interview. She coordinated with the client and the candidate and fixed up an interview, which took almost a month. The candidate got selected and was given an offer letter.


We have to do extensive research to get a quality candidate.